A NEW medically reviewed eCourse to educate & support your migraine patients

✓  Save time & educate patients

✓  Help improve patient compliance

✓  Reward patients  

✓  Medically reviewed

✓  Deliver life-changing insights

✓  FREE for practitioners to offer patients




–  Seven week program

–  Release one chapter (<1hr) per week or on-demand

–  Structured and medically reviewed

–  Sets realistic patient expectations

–  Understand the importance of migraine prevention

–  Weekly learning objectives and checklist

–  Certification of completion



Who Is it For?


The Migraine Masterclass will be used by physicians or HCPs to refer patients, staff and others to self educate on key migraine management principles and prevention.

Course Structure


Each of the 7 chapters includes a series of short lessons. Most lessons take only a few minutes to complete which allows for rapid progress.


Masterclass Headache Experts


–  Lessons from over 50 world leading experts & advocates

–  Short video lessons (1-3 mins on average)

–  Closed captions available for audio-free learning

Medically Reviewed

Robert Cowan, MD

Chief of Headache Medicine and Headache Specialist


Robert Shapiro, MD

Professor of Neurology

University of Vermont

Dawn Buse, PhD

Professor of Neurology

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

David Dodick, MD

Director of Headache Program

Mayo Clinic

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