Global Influence – WHEF leaders have influenced policymakers, media and medical leaders in US, Europe and Australia.

Deep Engagement – WHEF is the only organization engaged in all four key major international coalitions: CHAMP, IHS GPAC, AMF Board and the EMHA. This allows us the unique perspective and ability to learn from global best practices, engage with world-leading experts, and more effectively empower our communities.

Thought Leadership – The leadership team are among a handful of patient advocates who are regularly invited to participate and interview world leading experts at key stakeholder meetings like AHS, EHF and IHS.

Robust Content Library – The Migraine World Summit now boasts the largest video library of migraine expert interviews, with over 130 in-depth topics and 70+ hours of content.

Unparalleled Multi-Media Reach – Media reach has grown significantly in the past 12 months. The Daily Migraine has joined the family of media assets that support WHEF. The Daily Migraine is the largest global social media brand for migraine. Along with Migraine Again, Migraine Pal and Migraine World Summit, WHEF affiliated organisations reach 2,000,000 people each month across website and social media channels.


We welcome grants and sponsorship from Universities, Foundations, Medical Societies, and Companies. Various levels are available.